Do’s and Don’ts of File Shredding 

You have an ethical and legal responsibility to protect the privacy of your employees and customers. The following are some of the do’s and don’ts of shredding private and confidential documents: 


Do: Create a Schedule for Destruction of Documents 

It is very vital to know when to shred your documents and destroy them when they already reach their last dates of disposition. You should consider having a scheduled paper shredding service in order to make sure that your files are properly destroyed on the scheduled date and time. 

Don’t: Hoard Outdated Documents 

Keeping your outdated files puts a higher risk on the privacy of the data they contain. The longer outdated files are kept, the more possibility that the confidential information will end up on someone else’s hands. Keeping private documents will also result to regulatory non-compliance penalties or fines. 

Do: Always Shred Unnecessary or Outdated Documents 

In order to prevent business fraud and identity theft, shred private files when they are not anymore of use. Since most paper shredding machines are just limited to basic cutting, enabling files to be reassembled by the use of specialized software or even by bare hands, outsource your file destruction to a more qualified and professional partner who utilizes topnotch document destruction tools. 

Don’t: Throw Sensitive Documents in the Trash Bin 

Sifting through your waste is one of the simplest ways for thieves to steal sensitive employee records, trade secrets and client information. Never throw personally identifiable information (PII), financial documents, or protected health information (PHI) in the recycling or trash receptacle. 

Do: Invest in a Professional Paper Shredding Service 

A secure professional paper shredding service gets rid of the hours wasted every month standing over your office paper shredder, thus, improving your company’s profitability and productivity. Secure shredding collection bin are technically placed through the entire office premises enabling documents to be quickly and properly disposed. The security collection bins are gathered on a quarterly, monthly, weekly, bi-weekly or daily basis and your files are shredded for you, depending on the number of information your company needs to shred. 

Don’t: Use an Office Paper Shredder 

Shredding files with the use of the office shredding machine takes effort as well as time. Destroying them on by one involves a lot of steps which includes: 

  • You waste money, time and effort every time you use office paper shredding machines. 
  • Throwing the bag of destroyed papers into the dumpster 
  • Cleaning up of spilled particles of shredded materials 
  • Emptying of shredding receptacle 
  • Feeding every paper into the shredding machine 
  • Separating the documents into easily-shredded portions 
  • Getting rid of file folder or binder, sticky notes, staples, cardstock and paper clips  

Do: Choose a Certified and Professional Shredding Service Provider 

A professional shredding service provider definitely secures your privacy with strict procedures, independent audits and ongoing training. 

 Don’t: Assume Privacy Security 

The shredding industry is actually full of service providers with uncertain security practices. Always remember that privacy security is very important, therefore, hire only a shredding service provider who has trusted and verifiable security processes and can even handle reliable hard drive destruction Worcester MA.